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Level-up your fitness routine with VR

image of two people working out in virtual reality

Working out in virtual reality during the height of the pandemic, changed people’s attitudes towards fitness. Our cofounder Kelly’s passion for VR came when she discovered the Supernatural app and fell in love with the daily affirmations the coaches provides, the gruelling and fun workouts, the kickass music and the fun personalities of the coaches. Game-ifying fitness has been so fun for people of all ages and we wanted to share the benefits we have seen using Supernatural:

  1. Increased motivation: VR workouts can be more engaging and fun than traditional exercise routines, which can help increase motivation and adherence to the exercise program.

  2. Improved cardiorespiratory fitness: VR workouts can provide a challenging and dynamic aerobic workout that can help improve your heart health and lung capacity.

  3. Increased strength and endurance: Many VR workout programs incorporate bodyweight exercises or resistance training that can help improve muscle strength and endurance.

  4. Improved balance and coordination: Some VR workout programs incorporate balance and coordination exercises, which can help improve your overall balance and reduce the risk of falls.

  5. Reduced stress and anxiety: Engaging in a VR workout can provide a distraction from daily stressors and promote relaxation, leading to reduced stress and anxiety levels.

  6. Variety of workout options: With VR workouts, you can experience a wide range of environments and workout routines that may not be possible in the real world, providing a unique and varied workout experience.

Overall, VR workouts can be a fun and effective way to improve your physical fitness and mental well-being. We cannot wait for the new Florence + The Machine Artist Series which is coming out in Supernatural in a couple of weeks. Rent a virtual reality device today and enjoy getting physically active in the metaverse!


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