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About Us

At Poptronic, we believe in the power of virtual reality to transport people to new worlds and unlock amazing experiences. Our virtual reality rentals bring the latest technology to your event or party, no matter where you are in Canada. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best customer service, affordable prices, and flexible options to make your event unforgettable.

Kelly Bergeron and Chatnie Herne

Chatnie Herne (right)
Cofounder & CTO

Chatnie graduated with a Masters of IT Management with Distinction from SUNY Potsdam and has over 10 years experience in tech, policy in government, non-profit sectors and finance. Chatnie brings her love of technology for good as a cofounder at Poptronic and last year placed in the top 1.5% in Pow Wow Pitch Competition of 2500 Indigenous Entrepreneurs across Turtle Island. Chatnie's been accepted into a prestigious Artificial Intelligence Train the Trainer program which will allow her to connect with AI experts across Turtle Island and bring this knowledge back to her community of Akwesasne. 

Kelly Bergeron (left)
Cofounder & CEO

With over 20 years of tech experience, educational technology curriculum development and instruction, Kelly has demonstrated a passion in using tech for good. She is one of the cofounders at Poptronic, a virtual reality solutions provider that connects Canadians to VR technologies, across the country. Kelly has worked in San Francisco, Toronto, Ottawa, and overseas in the federal government, nonprofits and Salesforce. She moved back to her hometown of Cornwall to bring new technologies and innovative opportunities to her community. Kelly was nominated for College Ontario Premier's Awards in Tech in 2018 and recently helped expand a prominent tech company's education program to Canada. 

Purple Sky

Poptronic in the News


Reversing the ‘brain drain’: entrepreneurs find economic opportunities in Akwesasne

Welcome to Poptronic – a virtual reality (VR) business located on Cornwall Island in the Mohawk Nation of Akwesasne.


How Poptronic turned a virtual dream into reality

Poptronic now offers virtual technology for a range of functions, including training, education, gaming and entertainment, fitness, meditation, and more. Since this technology can be costly, they rent it out to lower barriers for users.


Ottawa Changemakers: Poptronic uses virtual reality to bring Indigenous experiences to life

Poptronic, an Indigenous-owned virtual reality business, is moving a traditional culture of storytelling into the next generation with immersive technology. 

Our Journey So Far



Poptronic Virtual Reality Solutions was founded with a mission to bring the latest virtual reality technology at an affordable price to Canadians. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best customer service and affordable prices to make your event unforgettable.



Poptronic Virtual Reality Solutions launched its first virtual reality studio in Akwesasne, bringing the latest technology and experiences to the local community. Our team continues to ship their devices to organizations, individuals, and businessses across Canada. Poptronic brings you affordable prices to make your event unforgettable.

Poptronic VR Studio Akwesasne

We are grateful for the meaningful partnerships that we are forging with Indigenous communities across Turtle Island.

We are committed to uplifting our partners’ interests and supporting their prosperity throughout our operations, today and everyday.

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